Some simplex noise

Just a tiny simplex noise test with retro colors. c:

If you don't see anything in the frame above, then either your browser doesn't support WebGL, or your graphics driver is not sufficient for initializing a WebGL context.

The source code is available on GitHub.

Nothing too too interesting - it just pans around and renders out a 3D simplex noise function, passing through the third dimension over time. You can manually control the pan direction and speed by clicking and dragging the mouse around. I wanted to write a bunch of simplex noise combinations to make different kinds of textures, but I quickly lost interest and figured that moving on to some 3D things might be more fun.

The colors are precomputed using the same method explained in my previous Julia set viewer post. Since I wasn't too interested in writing an implementation myself, the actual simplex noise code was taken from a gist by banksean.

Graphics provided by WebGL via IvanK.js, though the simplex noise is just being software rendered!