He Comes: Animated text screw-up script

So everyone loves the corrupt appearance of Z̹̍ͣ̌a͚̝̮̝̎͞l̞͚̣̣ͭ͐̌͒̒gͬ͆҉̣͎̹̤̱̳̮o͖̣̱̺͔̰͆͜ͅ ̨̤̎́͊̉͒ť̬̯͚̞̕e̷̺̫̝̱̩̯̓̀͑͛̽̆x̼̹̰t̃̂̃ͫ̍̄͂, right? But what about something a little more fun, like.... animated Zalgo text!

Eight experiments

All throughout the development of my weekly experiments so far, there's been a lot of experimentation and learning on my part. Most of the "completed" examples are too fragmented or tiny for their own post, and some of them (especially the...

Prototype: "Just the Basics" v0.2

It's week two with this thing and I met the goals I set at the last minute as usual. It's now got bullets firing, aiming with or without pointer lock controls, and simple enemies to kill called "Spin Stars". The delta time multiplier is being...

Prototype: "Just the Basics" v0.1

During the precious little time I had to work on anything this week, this is what I could come up with. It's the start of something that I'd like to continue taking more time to work on. I want it to be a GridWars-like game for browser use, but...

Mini game: Particle Benchmark

This is another oldie - and it's sort of a mini game because, even though there's no real way to win (I just played it by ear without any real planning or direction), it's still interactive in a very game-like way.