Eight experiments

All throughout the development of my weekly experiments so far, there's been a lot of experimentation and learning on my part. Most of the "completed" examples are too fragmented or tiny for their own post, and some of them (especially the Three.js ones) are based off of popular tutorials posted on other blogs. The source code for each of them has been kicking around in the "test" repositories from the beginning, though.

Since I didn't manage to finish what I wanted to post this week, I've grouped all of these little experiments into one post (in no particular order) to make up for it.

None of the content is embedded for two reasons. Firstly, they all behave differently and I may or may not have figured out the greatest ways to make the experiments adjust to resizing. Secondly, I didn't want to crash your phone's browser with eight canvases and six WebGL contexts at the same time.

Instead, the screenshots below directly link to each corresponding experiment. Some are interactive, some aren't. Some use IvanK.js, others use Three.js or jsGameSoup. Also, "pointer trail" is not recent, but I thought I'd throw it in anyhow.

Try clicking and moving the mouse around on all of them to see what they do! c:

Click the images below to play the experiments.

Pointer trail experiment Vertex shader experiment Spheres experiment Stars experiment Squares experiment Noise experiment Hearts experiment Fire experiment