Prototype: "Just the Basics" v0.1

During the precious little time I had to work on anything this week, this is what I could come up with. It's the start of something that I'd like to continue taking more time to work on. I want it to be a GridWars-like game for browser use, but reserve the freedom to make implementation changes whenever I feel things could be more fun.

If you don't see anything in the frame above, then either your browser doesn't support WebGL, or your graphics driver is not sufficient for initializing a WebGL context.

The source code is available on GitHub.

To begin controlling it, click on the canvas. Moving around can be done with either the classic W, S, A, and D keys, or the arrow keys.

Currently, there's nothing you can do except simply move around, bumping into the walls and watching the stars float along with the world in a parallax. In v0.2, there should be a way to shoot bullets (maybe using pointer lock controls?) and something to destroy.

Stay tuned!

Graphics provided by WebGL via IvanK.js.